I was so frustrated! I couldn’t seem to think clearly regarding a solution for a media project I had been working on. Have you ever been in a situation where no matter how many hours and energy you put into something it feels like you aren’t making any progress? This is how I felt.
I made the decision to take a day off of work.
I spent most of the day outside walking in a park. There was no deep thoughts, no workload, and no stress. Just pure sunshine, warm air, and the sound of a gentle breeze moving through the leaves on the trees.
As time went on and I continued to get my exercise, new ideas and strategy began to come to me. It was as if out of nowhere solutions came that I could implement right away for the project I was working on. I began to thank and praise God for the download of revelation!
Fast forward to this past week and I faced a few days of worry and anxiety. While walking into the bathroom as I sat down on the toilet seat, I noticed on the floor directly below me was a small square sized wall sign that had the word RELAX on it. I thought, wow! This is exactly what I needed to hear right now! As I recognized that this was a way God was speaking to me I took time out to relax and refocus my thoughts. Within hours and over the next day strategy and ideas came that I had not thought of before. It was the goodness of God! God can even speak to you while you are on the toilet seat!
Sometimes we need to take a time out and just relax! It’s hard to hear and see the voice of God when we are so focused on our problems. We need to take time to just step outside, take a walk, and live life.
Below are some practical ways we can slow down and relax so God can speak to us.
  • Take a walk outside. Exercise is great for the mind and body. It always helps me refocus my thoughts on what is good and helps empty out the negative.
  • Go do something fun! Take a trip somewhere special that brings you joy.
  • Pray. Prayer changes things!