As the creator of Encouragement for Now, an online blog, Joel Yount, in recent times is sought-after for his ministry and speaking engagements. He has impacted devoted Christians across the country by sharing the word of God with inspiration and courage. He is known for spreading God’s word in a fresh, practical, and revelatory way that helps others to fill their mindset with victory, hope and encouragement because in Joel’s words: “You are loved”. His passion is to reach Christian believers and help them to connect the transforming power of God’s word into their everyday life.
Early this morning I discovered there had been a loss of power. No lights, no internet, just everything in the dark. After a few minutes, the power came back on. Praise God! Little did I know only an hour later that morning the lights went out again. Oh no! Another power failure! I suddenly realized I wouldn’t be able to use my small heater near my bed in my room. (Yes, it’s very cold this morning. Yikes!) I waited and waited…but nothing. I thought to myself, when is the power company going to fix this? Several hours can easily turn into what seems like forever if you have to access your computer and internet for work. Fast forward to 7:15am and boom the lights came on, the heater began to blow out heat, and best of all being able to see in the bathroom with lights on. Power has now been restored!
Through this event, God showed me an interesting message that I feel led to share. Sometimes in our life when delays or interruptions happen it is because something is out of order. For example, a lifestyle of regular daily prayer time with the Lord helps to maintain clarity and balance in our day to day decision making. Regular prayer time has helped open doors to new ideas and solutions, and brought increased favor in areas I was not even asking for. Not having a regular devoted prayer life for me seems to cause things to go out of order. Just as the power that provides daily necessities we need to maintain our lives can go out suddenly, it is similar in that with no having a consistent prayer life. Today, no matter what you may be facing I encourage you with good news! Continue to maintain your daily schedule of prayer. God is not mad at you. He welcomes you with His open arms and is excited to hear from you and speak to you.
I am reminded of the scripture verse in 1 Chronicles 16:11 that says, “Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.” NIV
Just as the the power from the power company was restored today, let this be a reminder to each one of us that we can restore the power of prayer in our life today. Be encouraged!
Joel Yount