This year, I had two vivid dreams of an individual trying to connect with me. After the second dream, I knew it could possibly be a dream in which God was trying to speak to me. After waking up each time, I felt the dreams were warning dreams.
Fast forward several months later, I got a friend request from the person I saw in both dreams on a social media network. I had felt God communicate to me to not accept the friend request.
God cares for us to warn us ahead of time in dreams what is coming in the future. He knows the relationships that are best for us and also the ones that are not the best. Some people think warning dreams are something to be afraid or fearful of. The truth is a warning dream can save us from heartache, stress, or other problems. Trust your discernment and thank God for letting Him communicate to you using dreams during the night.
Remember, God is for you and on your side!