About Founder Joel Yount

Achieving Your True Potential with the Word of God
With 7 years of ministry behind him, Joel Yount is a leading voice in proclaiming the word of God and helping to experience the goodness of our savior in everyday life.  He believes in celebrating the beauty of Christian life by sharing the teachings of the bible to as many people as possible.
As the creator of Encouragement for Now, an online blog, Joel, in recent times is sought-after for his ministry and speaking engagements. He has impacted devoted Christians across the country by sharing the word of God with inspiration and courage.  He is known for spreading God’s word in a fresh, practical, and revelatory way that helps others to fill their mindset with victory, hope and encouragement because in Joel’s words: “You are loved”.   His passion is to reach Christian believers and help them to connect the transforming power of God’s word into their everyday life.
Joel believes that Christian faith goes beyond Sunday mornings at church, but rather lives deep within our hearts and souls as we face every day of the week of our own lives.  Joel looks for the best in people and is committed to helping them discover how they can grow and experience the best in life through the abundance of God’s salvation. His drive comes from his desire to help those in the Christian faith understand how to accept Jesus’ teachings and realize how truly blessed, and deeply loved they are by their heavenly Father.
Christian Media Co-Founder
In addition to his work as a leader with Encouragement for Now, Joel is also the co-founder of Spirit Fuel, a Christian media website that provides daily inspirational and uplifting content designed to fuel people with the spirit of God.  Joel has been the motivational force behind the success of SpiritFuel.me since 2013 which has grown to over 100,000 signups and 10,000 daily readers.  Joel’s skills as a content management professional have allowed him to participate in a wide variety of Christian media projects that have provided him with the opportunity to fulfill the passion in his life: encourage, uplift and fulfill people with the spirit of God.
Encouragement for Now
Encouragement for Now offers free online articles for those that are looking to strengthen their faith and open their hearts to God’s love.
Are you looking for an encouraging message that you can read in just a few minutes? Joel offers weekly encouragement from the Lord directly into your inbox.   Please click here if you would like to sign up for his Encouragement for now Weekly Email List.
Ministry and Speaking Engagements
If you are interested in having Joel minister or speak at your church, gathering or event, please contact him at Joel@encouragementfornow.com


I love Joel’s ministry. Called to be an encourager, he shares the hope of Jesus. Always encouraging. Always inspirational. I look forward to what the Lord puts on His heart for us.

-Gypsy Dallas Smith
Born2Inspire Ministries GypsyDallasSmith.com

Joel has the gift of exhortation and writes with compassion, straight from his heart full of love. He genuinely cares about people, encouraging them to become the very best that God has created them to be. This translates easily from his heart, onto the paper, into the ears of the hearer as he carries out his unique, God-given assignment.

– Edie Bayer KingdomPromoters.org