While waiting to board a flight at the airport, I looked around and noticed all the gates that were near where I was sitting. When flying, I always make sure to arrive extra early so I never miss the flight. Looking at all the flight gates, the Lord began to speak to me about decisions we all would have to be making soon regarding new things entering our lives.

According to Dictionary.com, a gate is: “an opening permitting passage through an enclosure.”

Entering The Gate

The Lord is opening up not only new opportunities for you, but he is also opening the gate to your destiny. In the past many of us may have thought we have to pry the door open to our destiny and callings, but the Lord wants you to know today he is opening the gate for you to walk in. While this is an exciting time to walk in your fulfilled callings, we also have to be aware of not allowing ourselves to go through just any gate. Just like the many gates inside of the airport, we must know the correct gate to proceed. As you seek the Lord for this year, he will make himself known what he wants you to do. For many of you, this will require a time of prayer.

Psalm 143: 10 says, “Teach me to do your will, For you are my God; Let your good Spirit lead me on level ground.”

Psalm 31:3 says, “For you are my rock and my fortress; For your name’s sake You will lead me and guide me.”

Get your boarding passes ready!

If you make it a priority in 2019 to continually spend time with your heavenly Father, He will reveal and guide you into the places he has for you. I want to encourage you and speak life into your situation today! You have not missed your gate. You have not missed your flight of destiny! 2019 is a year to walk through the gate that will birth new businesses, ministries, jobs, relationships, and more.